morning monday…. in for the long haul…


Good morning gorgeous, how are you? Did you have a lovely weekend? As the long term single gal that I am this weekend was spent with friends, and indulging myself in whatever the heck it was I wanted. Not just because it was Valentines day (insert bitter comment about commercialism) but also because I am trying to kick the flu to the curb.

I felt last week ended up being a long one, Tuesday saw me knocked out in bed, but by Wednesday I was back on my feet (thank you vegan immune system) and the combination of feeling a bit poorly, the on coming love fest, and generally being fed up of having to wear 72 layers at all time, left me feeling a bit wobbly at times.

2015 has got off to a very good start for me, I’m feeling happier, healthier (despite the germs) and generally more go getter than I had done for the last couple of months of 2014. I’ve lost weight, finally going back under that horrible stone barrier which was causing me so much upset, and generally just feeling like myself again.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean I am ‘fixed.’ We’re not quite 7 weeks into 2015 yet, and whatever your goal is for this year, you can’t expect to have achieved it by mid February.

I guess I don’t even have a set ‘end goal.’ For me it is more about being a work in progress, but always moving forward.

This weekend reminded me that, while I have had an amazing ‘up’ six weeks, there are always going to be times, when actually, you feel a bit fed up, and you find yourself profusely swearing just because your ear phone has got tangled up in your hair. There will always be times when your body needs to rest, and there will always be a sweet treat that is just too good to resist. My friends that see me every week, have all said how nice it is to see me all fired up and happy again, and your comments too have backed this up (for which I am grateful to every single one of you), but I feel like it is a healthy reminder for me, that I am still a work in progress, I am still capable of feeling sad, or tired or insecure. The real change in me isn’t that I am only capable of feeling the good stuff, it is that I am once again capable of dealing with the not so good stuff.

So if like me, this weekend left you a bit grumpy, or exhausted, or a little blue, remember that isn’t you being defeated, that is you having been winning for so long that you need a rest.

Live life & take the ups with the downs x

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2 thoughts on “morning monday…. in for the long haul…

  1. I’ve felt a lot like this lately. I’ll be “up” for so long that when the down mood creepis back in I feel almost guilty about it. We all need to accept that good days and bad days happen. Neither makes you a better or worse person. I hope you’re back to your cgeery self soon. Lisa x

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