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Happy Friday everyone! How has your week bin? I’m very confused. On the one hand, how is it March 2015 already? On the other hand, February, has felt like the longest month maybe ever. Probably because I have spent a good chunk of it, with a nose that I couldn’t breathe or smell with, and also because, I stopped having normal sign posts for time passing. Things like, oh I don’t know… weekends. But enough of that negative nancy business, while February may have been a long one, here are the things that made life, simply, better this month…

Using that big beautiful (bragging) brain of mine…

This month, I felt a real thirst kick in for learning and opening my eyes a little more to the world around me, which was probably spurred on by the decision to stay vegan. But outside of reading up on recipes and nutrition, I’ve also been looking into mindfulness, meditation, and body language. All things that help me understand the universe I’ve created for myself. I’ve particuarly enjoyed reading ‘You’ll See it When You Believe It’ by Dr Wayne Dyer and Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on how Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.

Working up…

Work this month has been crazy but truly amazing. I am slightly worried that I am becoming one of those people that lives to work at the moment, however, if every month was like this one, I wouldn’t complain. From small things, like working out a to do list and routine that works for me, to taking on a big beast of a project that will hopefully happen this Summer have really made me feel like I was achieving something. But the highlight really has to be bringing Theatre AdInfinitum to Blackburn, their work is truly amazing, and they have a few shows touring or about to tour at the moment. Go and see one, I promise you’ll never have seen anything like it!

And then winding down…

Days not spent at work this month, have mainly been spent in bed. Does it make for good conversation if all you do is work and sleep? Not really. Is spending the odd day you actually have off in bed with a cup of chai tea, netflix and porter magazine absolute bliss? Almost definitely. I’ve also spent a lot of time watching tv this month. Which is odd for me. I don’t even own a tv in my flat, and I don’t miss it at all, but this month I’ve loved Comic Relief Does Bake Off, The Voice (ie. drooling over Ricky Wilson) and best of all The Great British Sewing Bee is back. Oh an The Mindy Project, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, Mr Selfridge… My god I need to leave the house in March!

Blue Skies.

It is still flipping freezing out there, but the skies are definitely bluer, for longer. I can deal with crisp winter air, if it at least looks like it is thinking of warming up. I’ve not gone ‘oh my god I’m a blogger and I love Spring’ crazy (yet) but I have brought some fresh flowers for my house, and I’ve had a bit of a pre spring clean. Because quite frankly, when the lighter nights do get here, I don’t want to have to spend them hoovering.

A short list must mean February is still a short month, even if it seems like a million years ago since 2015 began! But I’m still happy, unfortunately I’m also sneezy and some days dopey, but that’s ok, as long as I don’t add Grumpy or Crazy to the list of Snow White characters I can play, we’re doing ok.

I also thought it might be nice to round off these posts with some of my favourite blogs from the month, and here’s my February reading list…

  1. Holly’s post ‘How to have a productive day at work‘ has certainly helped my days run a little smoother. I find when I feel like I’ve been productive, it’s much easier to keep the momentum up on those long working weeks!
  2. Sam from Oh! Hello was lovely enough to guest post for me this week with a delicious recipe for gluten free, vegan Chocolate cake, but on top of being a Kitchen Goddess she is also taking some gorgeous photo’s for her Photo a day challenge.
  3. Sarah’s 10 goals for Daydreams of Summertime definitely made me stop and think about this little space of mine. Nobody should be in blogging for the statistics or the promotions, but it is a hobby like any other, so I think setting goals keeps us motivated!
  4. Amanda’s Channa Wrap had me drooling. I’m terrible though, I can never leave it at just one wrap.
  5. And finally the amazingly talented Toni launched her new shop, and it is full of adorable things. Now I can feed my cute card addiction without leaving the house!

There we have it, February is over, and I’m looking forward to things settling down in some way this next month. This cold that I feel I’ve been bending your ear about for yonks, is finally on it’s way out, and while work is still crazy I’m going to make it a priority to find just a little more balance over the next couple of weeks. How have you found this month? And what small things have kept you sane?

Live life, simply x

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16 thoughts on “life simply… February

  1. Thank you so much for including me! It sounds like your month has been nothing less than hectic, but it also sounds like you’ve achieved a lot which is great! This month for me has been a roller coaster . I’m off to Newcastle today for the weekend and I can’t wait to escape and clear my head. What has kept me sane is my family, bunnies, kitty and the blogging community – you’re always there when I need you!

    Holly |

    • Ryan was my favourite! I’m not anywhere near as attached to this group of contestants as I was to last years! But Deborah is growing on me, and it is kind of great to see so many men still standing! Who is your favourite? xx

  2. Hello! Well I have just been the worst blogger friend with my total lack of comments! I have been reading every post though! February has just flown by for me but I so ready for March and some (hopefully) lovely Spring weather! Thank you so much for mentoning my post, glad you enjoyed it! Excited to catch up with you again on Sunday! 🙂 xxx

  3. Thank you so much for the wee link!! I so hope the weather warms up soon and we get too wear just the one layer of clothing. I’m so happy GBSB is back!! I love it so much!! I just feel so inspired after watching it and want to run to the sewing machine every time. x

    • Me too, I have to lock my scissors away otherwise I run the risk of chopping into every piece of clothing I own and being left with nothing to wear the next morning, and instead a hundred and one ‘projects’ to finish x

  4. Looks like you have had a rather lovely February Stephie! I’m glad you have taken some time out for yourself to recuperate too. It’s so important! I am enjoying the bluer skies too and those brighter mornings make it much easier to drag myself out of bed. Thanks for the link, I really treasure your support of my little space and you know I support you right back 100% xx

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