Morning March…


“Everything that is worth doing, is worth doing slowly”
Mae West

Hello my loves, how are you? Another Monday, another month and another set of goals. With this in mind it might seem a little odd that I decided to start this post with a quote about slowing down, however if there is one thing February taught me it was that nobody thrives at a 100mph, and while having goals and aims are important,  it’s the long term aim that should take priority over the high pressure, quick fix, solution.

Last months goals, were then met with a mixed bag of “success.” I use the quotation marks because if you out right asked me ‘Did you manage to sort out your exercise and morning routines?’ I’d have to say, ‘no.’ Technically these remain unchecked and if I, or you, wanted to I could say I failed. But the long term aim of both of those goals is to be a happier healthier person and forcing myself out of bed, or out for a run when my body needs rest is not going to help me reach that long term aim. Anything that is worth doing is worth doing slowly, so, while I had had other plans, I had to spend a month slowing down before I could throw back the covers on and pull those trainers on. There’s no failure in giving your body what it needs, and making sure I rested this month, has made me a happier healthier person.

This slowing down also meant that when it came to my third February goal of getting casually creative I can, without a doubt, or quibbers over technicalities, put a huge tick up against it. Many nights were spent notebook in hand. If not creating then thinking,  spending some time listening to those thoughts that often speed through my mind at a 100mph. Listening to them, pulling them over, giving them a speeding ticket and sending them on their way at a steady pace with a much better sense of direction.

I started January free wheeling and enjoying the adrenaline that came with it. I was hooked, I didn’t want to slow down but February forced me to and thankfully in doing so stopped me from crashing head first into a tree. This is definitely something I will be keeping in mind when looking towards my March goals, which without much further ado are…

1. Get juicing my greens…

This time last year, I really got into green smoothies, they were the perfect fuel for late night evening shifts, and I could feel they were doing me the world of good. My vegan diet is doing the same thing, but I know that some days, working at events and late night, I’m missing out on everything my body needs. Finding a way of incorporating a green smoothie into those long days will sort that out no issue!

2. Sew something…

Last year I got obsessed with the sewing bee, I got a sewing machine for my birthday, took a beginners sewing class, experimented with making a skirt (with limited wonky success), and then I let my sewing machine and my new hobby get dusty. Well the Sewing Bee is back, and I think it’s about time I put my machine to use. Properly this time. I’m going to learn to walk before I run, and by the end of the month, I want to have followed a simple pattern and have made myself a real wearable garment.

3. Put my best foot forward…

As I’ve already covered, I didn’t get into the exercise routine I wanted to in February, and I just need to face up to the fact that I am now starting from square one with my fitness. But that is ok, I’ve been here before and I know it doesn’t take long to crack it, so this month I’m putting my best foot forward, and I’m going to make a start on running again. That might mean being slow, it might mean not going very far but if I listen to my body, and work out what it really needs, and what it is really capable of, I’ll be shimmying up that damm hill again in no time!

There you have it, my March goals, are I’m aware, on the modest side, but I’m being realistic about this. Since the beginning of January I’ve already changed and ‘fixed’ so much, I don’t have to take on the world all at once, after all, as Mae said, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly. So if you are evaluating last month, or setting goals for this month, remember that high pressured situations rarely lead to happiness, particularly, if that pressure is actually coming from within yourself.

Live life & don’t be afraid to do so slowly x

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6 thoughts on “Morning March…

  1. i’ve been really trying into juicing to help with overall health but I’m so hit and miss with it. sometimes its delicious and other times… no. clicked through from rhyme and ribbons – glad i did, love the way you write!

    • I find there are some key things you can add in to your juice that guarantee it tasting good. Ginger and honey are my favourites. Or if I am doing a smoothie I just pack it with bananas to overcome the spinach/kale taste! So glad you like the way I write, really made my day xx

  2. I really need to get my sewing machine out more. I haven’t used it half as much this year and I am missing my days spent in front of it. Watching The Great British Sewing Bee always inspires me to get it back out again, they just make everything look so simple. As for exercise, goodness me I need to get on top of it. I’ve found my metabolism has slowed down so much over the past couple of years, the joys of heading towards my 30s. Dog walking alone isn’t good enough exercise any more, I may need to take up yoga again I think. Best foot forward indeed! x

    • Just the difference I have seen between 24 and 22 is unreal! I never thought I had a fast metabolism to begin with, but now it is practically stood still!

      I am terrible at picking up hobbies and then dropping them somewhere along the way, I’m determined not to let sewing be one of them, as I have been interested in it my whole life, I’ve just not got round to learning. I’ve also bought a fashion sketch pad, so when the bee is on I can’t sketch down all my ideas, and hopefully one day my ability will catch up with my creativity xx

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