Goodnight Monday…


Hey everyone, how are you? “Oh nice of you to show up” I hear you say “what time do you call this?” I know, I know I’ve been a little lax, but I was waiting for inspiration to hit and in truth I needed a little time to switch off entirely.

I won’t bore you with further tales of “life is so busy” but I will say this, I took today off work which has meant in total I’ve had an absolutely blissful three days off.

Not three days off where I berate myself for not working on some other project or three days off where I obsessively check my email just in case. Three days off to just accept that even though you love something and even though ultimately that thing makes you happy, like with every relationship, you can have too much of a good thing, and I think the same can be said for blogging as it can for work.

So I preempted bloggers block and put my out of office on for a couple of days. I will be back properly this week though, I hope you have had a lovely weekend and that you weren’t too sorry to see Monday morning.

Live life & I will see you soon x

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11 thoughts on “Goodnight Monday…

  1. That photo is just wonderful! I when through a lacking in inspiration sort of a phase recently and in my three years of writing my little blog that has never ever happened. I didn’t let it worry me though, like you i just let it ‘be’ for a little bit and i’m BACK! With far more bounce! Glad you enjoyed a restful switch-off. Sometimes the soul just needs it xxx

    • Thank you! I think what had happened was I’ve spent weeks just working and blogging, so while I still have lots of ideas I wanted to dedicate time to, I just felt I wasn’t doing it justice! But having that definite break from both even if it was just a couple of days has done the trick xxx

    • Thanks Joanne, they were really needed! As much as I see my career as a big part of me, it is important to remember all those other things you love too! Unfortunately lately all I’d done was work and blog, so when I took some time off work, it felt like a few days off from here would do me good too xx

  2. O the dreaded bloggers block. We all get it and having a few days off is without a doubt a good call. Hope you got some brain space and of course had lots of fun. I always find remembering you are in control of your blog helps a lot. You don’t have to live up to anyone else’s expectation but your own. Have a fun Tuesday lovely! xx

    • That’s very true, and I think it is also important to remember that we’re all a work in progress and that’s what I want my blog to reflect! Not every post has to be perfect it just has to be real xx

    • I think that might be more what I was suffering from, it wasn’t that I didn’t have ideas, I just didn’t have the time or the mental capacity to do them justice. Hope you are now wallpaper ceiling free xx

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