not quite all work and no play…


Happy Friday everyone! How are you? In honour of the weekend and because I have whinged on at you all faaaaar too much lately about how busy I am at work, I thought I would share a little bit about what I’ve been doing that isn’t work or blogging! I KNOW right, who knew, I actually do stuff OTHER than work and blog!

Last weekend I actually had three days off in a row, which was well and truly needed! I had a long and stressful day on Friday, and like I mentioned on Monday, really felt the need to switch off from everything that had become a little routine.


So when I woke up Saturday morning I gave my little flat a little TLC and a good old clean (work which has already being entirely undone) and then headed into town. Now Blackburn isn’t exactly a big old city, so a Saturday afternoon shopping is normally, a quick one hour mission, but I just didn’t feel like missioning. So instead I wandered around, not really sure what I was looking for and stumbled upon ^that^ pink skirt (which I know some of you will be glad to hear when it isn’t on my hips, takes pride of place on my living room wall). Now prepare to hate me… That skirt was from the Limited Edition Collection in M&S (which I always love) is one of only 500 that were made, was the very last one in the shop, a size smaller than I would normally wear but fits perfectly and was a grand total of… FIVE POUNDS. I’m sorry, but all of that together was just too good not to brag about! I also picked up a great chord pencil skirt in a charity shop, some ankle boots in BHS (of all places) and everything floral and pink I could fin in the fancy dress shop, for that night…

Saturday saw an abandoned church in Blackburn, that is currently being turned into an arts centre, transformed into a magical Garden of Eden, by Gypsy Carrot Productions. Now I pretty much left my ‘club nights’ behind me in Uni but this was SO much fun, and I’ve spent all week being a little disappointed that I can’t wake up every day and dress like that! I can’t wait for summer festivals, where I can legitimately accessorize with a huge floral headband, facepaint and a can of cider.


I woke up Sunday to a beautiful day, and a surprising lack of hangover. So after a leisurely breakfast, I pulled out that long forgotten gym kit and dusted off my trainers, to go for an adventure in the woods. It was so good to get outside and breathe properly, as well as wake up those running muscles. I’d never intended to be out all afternoon but that’s what happened! Turns out the park and woods half an hour away are much bigger, than the one opposite my house. I can’t wait for the spring weather to settle in properly so I can make this a regular occurrence!

The rest of Sunday was spent in jim jams, watching netflix, as they should be. I was worried, come Monday I’d find myself bored, but after a lovely catch up and lunch with Holly, I found myself FINALLY taking time to explore this amazing material and sewing shop in Blackburn. It was a bit of an Aladins cave, but I restrained myself to just buying one lot of fabric. And when I got home I made a start on this months sewing project! The rest of my time off was washed down with some delicous teas I picked up in TK Maxx, along with some quinoa pasta which I’d been looking for for ages. I love TK Maxx sometimes, ok the clothing department is always a little hit and miss, but I always find something in the stationary or home ware/food department.

There you have it, other than working/sleeping/blogging that’s what my life has looked like lately. This weekend won’t be quite as leisurely, I’m at work again tomorrow, but my parents and sister are coming over to see the show tomorrow night, and staying till Sunday, so that will be nice, and I can’t complain too much, I still have enough over time left to take Thursday and Friday off next week (and then some!).

How are you? What’s life looking like for you at the moment?

Live life & remember to play once in a little while x

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3 thoughts on “not quite all work and no play…

  1. It has to be said nothing beats a really good flat clean. We had one on New Years Day and it put me in a great mood for 2015 … just a shame we’ve messed it all up again already!

    Your weekend sounds perfect! I love just wandering around town without a real mission, its nice to potter and be able to find time to stop for a cuppa when you’re legs get tired. So much better than the stress of having to rush about trying to find something you need.

    I’m currently gearing myself up to try some outdoor running. I’m too wussy to head out whilst it’s still freezing cold so I’m running on the treadmill. As soon as it gets a teeny bit warmer I’m going to try my first ever Park Run .. so excited – although I know I’ll find it really hard to run outside after being used to the steady pace of the treadmill.

    I’m hoping for a nice leisurely weekend, it’s our last at home with no plans for 3 weeks!

    Chloe x

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