Morning Monday… late starter…


Morning everyone how are you? I don’t know about you but I found it really difficult to get up this morning. Maybe because of the gloomy fog which has returned once again to Blackburn or maybe because after 4 days off my body was just thinking “I could get used to this” but whatever the reason it is annoying.

Now I am sat here already feeling slightly panicked. I don’t have to start work till late today but I told myself I’d go in early anyway – an unnecessary pressure I had put on myself. I can feel that Knott in my stomach that is trying to tell me “it’s Monday morning and you’re already behind” – something which just isn’t true.

I can put a lot of pressure on Mondays. If I’ve had a bad week, it’s not that I wait till Monday to shake it off, but I do feel comforted by that “new start” feeling. Even if I’ve had a good week Monday rolls around and I want to use that momentum to keep going, to do better.

Hopefully if you read these posts you’ll know that this isn’t as stressful a habit as that makes it sound. I use Mondays to check in and keep positive. If I didn’t do this I’d probably very quickly loose sight of what is really important and I’d end up a much bigger ball of stress and worry. All of that is true of this Monday too, except this week I want to tell myself and you, that no one late start is defining of a week or a life.

So I am a little later into the office this morning than I had originally planned, I’m still working late, and if I take some time now to breathe and keep myself feeling refreshed after my days off then the work I do this afternoon will be better than any I try to rush and complete now.

I guess what I am trying to say is, as always, don’t give up. I can be my own worst enemy, and the smallest thing can make me feel defeated. That knot in my belly can make me physically sick, but only if I let it.

Monday isn’t over yet, and even if it is by the time you’re reading this, don’t credit one day with too much power, instead credit yourself.

Live life & let the late starts go every now and then x


5 thoughts on “Morning Monday… late starter…

  1. So many of my Monday’s are stressed filled but are motivating none-the-less. I just need to take one from your book and try to relax. I hope you had a great Monday and Tuesday!


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