life simply… March…

Don’t foget%0Ato smile

Dear 2015, calm the Geoffrey down ok?

It terrifies me that here I am writing my Life Simply post for March, because that means next month is April, and in my head I’ve convinced myself that we are already halfway through this year. I know, I know, that is not how the year works, there are still 9 whole months left, but I just feel very aware at the moment that this time next year I could be unemployed, and in a completely different place, and that sort of doom always feels very imminent, doesn’t it? However, there are plenty of lovely little things to revel in to distract me from that currently slightly irrational fear.

March has been a lovely month. The weather is finally picking up (right? RIGHT?) and after a long cold winter I am definitely ready to open up those windows and let some air in. So here are the little things that have made life in March simply refreshing…

Time to myself…

As you all know, I love my job but this month I have absolutely loved having some time off. A spare Monday to myself one week, and lunch with the lovely Holly, and then last week I took Thursday and Friday off. I didn’t gallivant far but I honestly felt like I had been on holiday, and it did me the world of good!

A damm good sountrack…

Now I nearly always have music on. Who doesn’t but this month I’ve actually be paying more attention to what I’ve been listening to. Whether that is completely-cheesey-if-you-ask-I-will-deny-it pop when getting ready, a little bit of Paloma Faith while out running, or just having BBC Radio 6 on in the background, this month has definitely had a pretty constant soundtrack.

Blooming beautiful…

Ok, I’m a blogger and I’ve already mentioned Spring, so OBVIOUSLY it wasn’t going to be long until I put having fresh flowers on this list was it? Having some time off, meant I could finally give my flat a good old spring clean. I even hoovered the skirting boards, something which I have taken as a bigger sign that I am a grown up than absolutely anything else, ever. I bought myself a dead cheap bunch of bright and beautiful flowers from Aldi, seperated them all up, and popped them in glass jars, dotted all around my flat. I even put a bunch out in the communal hallway so everytime I come home they are there to welcome me.

Getting out there…

Having some mornings to myself and the brighter sunshine, meant I could not only FINALLY get back out there running, but actually really enjoy doing so. Taking my time on a Sunday morning, walking up to the woods, running around and taking in all the fresh air has felt really really GOOD.

Playing dress up…

I’m just going to admit it now. I have spent too much this month. Not just on gallivanting out and about, but in treating myself to some new clothes. Again influenced by the change of season, but mainly by a change of attitude. I used to love getting dressed up every day, in vintage clothes, and having a style. I lost this somewhere along the way with my body confidence, but now that is slowly creeping back in, so is wanting to put some time and effort into my appearance. Whether it has been vintage stuff from Manchester, bits and pieces from a charity shop, or finding a bargain on the high street. My finances may have suffered a little bit, but I just can’t feel guilty about it!

I’ve actually probably taken a step back from the internet and blogging this month, I think having the energy to go out and do stuff, meant sitting in front of my laptop on an evening seemed a little less appealing. Not neccessairily a bad thing, but I am now ready to reconnect as it were to this world. Some inter-bits I have enjoyed this month though are…

  • This post from The What Now Blog about why you should Stop saying sorry at work could not have come at a better time for me.
  • Thanks to Holly for reccommending Canva I’ve only started playing with it a little bit, but it is exactly the sort of online image editor I’ve been looking for (my favourite App, Aviary have also just brought out some nice new text packs)
  • Coping with work related anxiety is definitely something I need to get under control and this post from Samantha over at Thoroughly English, calmed me down just by reading it!
  • I always love the Dress Your Tech freebies from DESIGN LOVE FEST but this set are particularly gorgeous 

And that’s it, those are just a few of the things that have made up my March. How about you? Are you slightly panicked about how quick this year is going or are you relishing making plans for Spring and Summer?

Live life & appreciate the simple things x

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15 thoughts on “life simply… March…

  1. Sometimes I feel like my entire week gets ruined by money making / unemployed work anxiety. Or the fear of not being able to pay rent in the future so the need to constantly save with out enjoying my earnings…. x

    • I have so many friends in the same boat, and I’ve definitely floated on that stormy sea more than once! It is so difficult to stay sane, and feel like you are living life. My one piece of advice is to remember, that if all you feel is the anxiety, and you’re not loving doing what you’re doing, it is ok to take a break, and breathe and just focus on one thing for a while. That might be earning some money, in the day job, or it might be, letting off the blog for a while xx

  2. I’m with you – I just can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by, and it’s a wee bit frightening! Then again, I’m so happy spring is upon us, and I’ve really been enjoying spending more time outside too 🙂 Sounds like you’ve had a really lovely month in March. I hope April will be equally lovely!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • I am really torn, part of me is so excited at everything that is happening this year, the other part of me, simply doesn’t want it to end. But I’m trying to tell myself at the moment, that the end of 2015 doesn’t mean the end of good things xx

  3. I have no idea how the heck March is nearly over…HOW??? I mean, I’m all for proper springtime approaching but it all is seeming very sudden! I am loving those ‘dress your tech’ freebies, thanks! 🙂 Katie x

    • I know! So torn, on the one hand, please bring me some sunshine, on the other hand, once the sun is here, can we just press pause for a while? The dress your tech freebies, cheer me up every morning when I switch my work laptop on xx

  4. Love this post! Just discovering your blog thanks to Daydreams of Summertime, and I have to say: 1) you have me in shock realizing March is almost over and I’m having a panic attack about how much work I have to before the end of April, 2) I’m getting over the panic attack with the thoughts of frolicking through the flowers blooming everywhere. Thanks a million xx can’t wait to keep reading!

    • Exactly, take a deep breath, and know, that it will get done, just like eventually the sun will be here, and it will all be worth it! Glad you liked this post, hope you’ll be back soon xx

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