morning monday… rail replacement bus service…


Morning everyone, how was your weekend? I had a really lovely one, which was threatened by a public transport blip, that reminded me, a lot of the time, being positive or negative is a choice we make.

Yesterday afternoon, in a damp and grey Manchester, I found myself in badly organised que waiting for a rail replacement bus service. The people around me were cold, and impatient, and frustrated. They had plans, and getting soggy waiting for a coach hadn’t been factored into them. The staff were agitated. There were too many of them, and from what I could gather, not enough clipboards to go around. People were being passed from one high vis jacket to the next, taking with them their agitation, like a production line of negativity.

It wasn’t even half an hour since I’d been sat in a bar, with amazing friends, belly full, and belly laughs, but already I was beginning to forget that. Already I was beginning to get upperty. Then a lady came up to me, she had just arrived, took one look at what was going on, and very loudly made her feelings clear. ‘Oh really, this is just ridiculous, they are ruining peoples weekends, aren’t they?’

Maybe my agitation showed on my face, because her question seemed to be directed at me, I felt a symoathetic smile begin to curl on my lips, and then I thought ‘actually, it isn’t all that bad.’

Yes, having to get a coach, is less efficient than a train, and without a doubt, the whole shebang could have been better organised. However it wasn’t going to ruin my weekend, it wasn’t even going to ruin that hour. And when you looked at the situation it was all very understandable.

Railways need to be replaced, Sunday’s are quiet, traffic happens, and nobody was to blame for the weather.

If a train is cancelled shouldn’t we just be grateful there is a replacement option? That isn’t something you get with many things in this world.

There are a lot of bad things that can happen in life, in the world, they fill our tea time news reels day in day out. In the grand scheme of things, a rail replacement bus, really is not one of those terrible things. All that was happening in that que, was people feeding eachothers, and their own, bad feelings. So when that lady questioned when my weekend had been ruined by the mysterous ‘they who are to blame’ I stopped myself from nodding in polite but negative agreement, and said ‘no not really, there are much worse things in life.’

So this week, I’m going to remember that, I’m not saying all our problems are negative, I’m just saying save your energy, because we all have our own battles some are worth fighting for, others aren’t battles at all, unless we want to fight with ourself. So don’t feed your own negativity, instead get on the rail replacement bus, thank the staff around you, smile at the driver, and say happy nice things to your fellow passengers. Sometimes that’s just what life is like, you thought you’d be on a direct train service, but instead there’s a hiccup and things move a little slower, and while it may not have been factored in to your plans, ultimately you still make it home.

Live life & give network rail a break every now and then x

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14 thoughts on “morning monday… rail replacement bus service…

  1. I was attracted by the delicous breakfast of course. Just out of curiosity, how long does it take to finish that bowl? I’m so impatient in the mornings, I just drink my nutrients.

  2. This is so true! Sometimes we all just need a little reminder of it! I had such a disastrous bike ride on Saturday involving a lot of searching at home for a bike pump, seized brakes on my bike, flat tyres on my neighbours bike and a lot of wasted time trying to get sorted. Then after a long cycle with my boyfriend with the delicious expectation of a cream tea at the halfway point, we got there and it was closed! Not feeling too put out until halfway home Adam got a puncture and we had to walk the last 6 miles. It didn’t help that it was also my birthday! However, rather than getting really bummed about it, we chose to enjoy the scenery and the chance to walk side by side chatting for a few hours, stopped for cheesy chips at a pub on the way back (to stop me getting inevitable hanger) and even though we eventually got back just as night fell, it was still a lovely, if unplanned way to spend my day. Silver linings and whatnot. This post really was a perfect coincidence, thanks! 🙂
    Alice xx

  3. This was such a well timed post! After a disastrous bike ride on Saturday involving wasted time and 6 attempts at sourcing a suitable bike/pump, getting to the halfway point eagerly awaiting a cream tea, only to find that the café was closed, and then Adam getting a puncture 6 miles from home on the return journey. A bad day that was made all the more disappointing as it was my birthday! However, we decided that it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, we got to enjoy the sunny scenery on the way home, walking along side by side and chatting non stop for a few hours (something we realise we rarely actually get to do) and stopped at a pub for some cheesy chips to make sure I didn’t get too hangry (inevitable when I haven’t eaten since breakfast!). We got home just as it got dark, but the day wasn’t ruined and there are always silver linings!
    Sometimes we all need reminding that it could be so much worse, and it is up to us whether we make a situation positive or negative, so thank you for this post!
    Alice xx

  4. I love this post! It speaks to my heart at the moment. Sometimes life isn’t as smooth as we want it and goodness rail replacement services can be just awful at times but it doesn’t mean that the whole world is coming to a stop. Everything is what we make it, which includes the bad and frustrating. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. x

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