far from rocket science…


Hi everyone, how are you? I have a super early start today and I am already looking forward to lunch, dinner and ll the snacks, that quite rightfully live in between. Please tell me I’m not alone? I LOVE my food, and that hasn’t changed since going vegan, in fact if anything I love my food even more now, because now I spend more time with it, thinking about it, planning it out, devouring it (in a totally none sexual way, unless any particularly sexy vegan man wants to amuse my bouche?). Of course, that is all because being vegan, means my food on the go options, are a little more limited. However, I don’t think this is a relationship only vegans can enjoy.

As I mentioned in my last vegan based post, when it comes to what I’m eating I like to keep it simple, and I think this is something that can be applied to all diets, meat eater, cheese lover, gluten free, whichever way you swing, why shouldn’t we strip it back every now and then? It’s the quickest and easiest way to get healthy! When I published that last post, a few of you (I wanted to write ‘many of you’ but lets not get big headed) said I should share some recipes. Well, I’m not sure about recipes because a)most of the stuff I make is waaaay to easy for that grand title and b) my food photography is shocking.

So instead I thought I might share the odd simple meal idea every now and then (a bit like I did with these) that you can add to, take away from, adapt, and refrigerate as you wish. Today, I thought I would share what an average meal looks like for me, something which my work colleague would laugh at and say was far from ‘average’ but as you’ll see, it doesn’t take fancy ingreedients or even much time to make a big old plate of veg delicious. So without further ado, I give you a courgetti salad, served with lemon and garlic potatoes, asparagus and a tahini dressing…

Shopping Basket (serves 2 as a main meal)…

8 New or Salad Potatoes
1 large clove of Garlic
8 stalks of Asparagus
1 courgette
Half a pack of mange tout
1 can of chickpeas
As many sun dried tomatoes as you please
1 Lemon (for it’s juicy juice)
Salt, pepper, dried or fresh parsley, chilli flakes
Olive oil

Method, or how I throw everything together and hope for the best…

1. In a large bowl, crush the garlic clove, drizzle a generous amount of olive oil, and add half the lemon juice all together and mix up. Slice up the new potatoes, into halves or thirds (keep em chunky) and throw them into the bowl, making sure to cover them in the dressing. Season with salt, pepper and parsley, and roast them in the over for about 30-40 minutes on a fairly high temperature. I like to roast them relatively slowly, so that all the flavours roast together. otherwise I find the dressing burns

2. While the potatoes are cooking, strip your courgette in courgetti. You can do this with a fancy pants spiralizer, or just use a jullienne peeler, or keep your strips a bit thicker by just using a normal vegetable peeler. Throw your courgetti into a salad bowl, drain your chick peas (rinse) and add them in too along with your, mange tout and sundried tomatoes. If your using sun dried tomatoes from a jar, then I put these on some kitchen roll before adding them to my salad, as I find the chepaer jars tend to have a lot of oil on and when this goes into your salad it can make it all a bit soggy! I then dressed this with a little olive oil, lemon, and some chilli flakes.

3. When your potatoes are about 5 minutes away from being done, grill or steam your asparagus. I like my asparagus to have a little crunch to it, but generally if it starts to turn a lush bright green it’s done!

4. To make a yummy and simple tahinin dressing, just mix a table spoon of tahini, juice of quarter of a lemon, and water (depending on what consistency you want, as a rule, I use twice as much water as tahini, but it does tend to thicken up if you leave it in the fridge over night so you might want to make it a bit weaker)

4. Take your potatoes out, pile your corgetti salad high on your plate, top with the asparagus, and drizzle with your tahini and enjoy OR put it all in a lunch box, and leave it for tomorrow.

I told you I couldn’t call it a recipe! What do you think? Let me know if you try this, or if you adapt it in anyway. I made this for the first time, after the overly indulgent Easter weekend, as it was made up just from what I had left in the fridge, but isn’t that how all the best meals come about?

Live life & have the best lunch in the office x

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16 thoughts on “far from rocket science…

  1. *drool* i’m so glad you’re going vegan, you are like my little go to blog now for heading towards a vegan lifestyle. It is so nice to read posts from someone at the start of it, as oppose to a season pro. I think it is easy to forget the struggle it can be in the beginning. I’ve just bookmarked this recipe under my vegan tab. Keep them coming! 😉 xx

    • Argh! That is so good to hear! Thank you so much Toni! I totally know what you mean about reading from the seasoned pros! That’s why I try not to get too bogged down in too much ‘science’ or make anything the majority of people won’t recognise xx

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