morning monday… it’s ok to take 5 minutes…


Good morning everyone, how are you today? It’s bright and sunny, and the start of a brand new week, so naturally we should all be equally as bright and sunny, and raring to go right?

Do you ever feel pressured to be in a good mood all the time? Maybe you’re the person that always sees the bright side? Maybe you’re the girl, who just for one second let her face rest from that big old smile, and was automatically bombarded with a hundred questions of ‘What’s wrong? Cheer up, it’s not like you to be sad?”

After all other people have problems that are worse than yours right?

I know I often feel this way. Sure I can be a stress head, but when I let a negative comment slip out about a situation or a feeling, people seem to almost take offence. Of course, like most things in my life, I know that this pressure, and this perceived reaction is in my head. And, naturally, I like to be someone that is seen as positive. But none of these things are exactly comforting when actually you’re just a bit fed up.

I get fed up, and most of the time, it is over something daft, like being single, or having a bad hair day. I know that these things aren’t really a permanent problem, tomorrow I will wake up with great hair, and who knows one day that great hair might attract just the right person. I sit there and berate myself for getting worked up over something daft, and then get worked up about getting worked up, when actually, if I just let myself breathe and take it in for five minute, it would probably pass.

So here’s what I’m thinking for this week, it is ok to take 5 minutes. It’s ok not to feel pressured to be positive, it’s ok to have a moan, even if it is only internal, and to let it wash over you. It’s ok to put on a sad song, or to go walk it off and chunder under your bread. For 5 minutes it’s ok to just let yourself deal with those feelings, because after 5 minutes, chances are those feelings will genuinely be gone, and you can return to being you’re genuine happy positive self, no pressure, no big fake smile.

Live life & remember people don’t expect you to be happy all the time, but they do want you to be x

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