just put your trainers on…


So it appears I’m on a bit of a footwear/photographs of my belly and feet theme this week, and for that I only half apologise (the belly picture half).

So this time last year when I was back home and on a health kick I really got it into running. I’d always fancied the idea of being a runner, mainly because I’d always liked walking with music in my ears, and picking up the pace a little seemed like the logical next step, however, having always been notoriously slow at track and races, I’d never felt confident enough to put on those trainers and see what my legs could do. In fact until this time last year, I hadn’t even owned a pair of trainers since leaving school.

So what changed? Well, I was home waitressing, trying to work out where I was going with my life, and probably, more than anything, feeling the need to prove that I could change something that seemed unchangeable. I couldn’t force some one to give me a job, I couldn’t see into the future and find out if I’d been right to follow my heart all along, but I could buy a pair of trainers. So that’s what I did.

And gradually I felt my fitness improve. I became a runner. Sure, I was a lumbering along, uncoordinated,not so glamorous runner. But I was a runner none the less. I proved to myself that I could change things, and it wasn’t long until ‘going for a run’ wasn’t something that I told myself to do, it was just something I did.

But then life changed. Thankfully, it turns out that I was right to follow my heart, and I didn’t have to force somebody to give me my dream job, I just had to interview for it. I packed up home, and jacked in waitressing and moved to a whole new life. A life where running was quickly forgotten about.

Occasionally in those first few months I’d make it out the house, and half way up the hill, but more often than not, when I was half way up I’d soon come back down again, like a really bad Duke of York impersonator.

When things got a little Dark and Twisty for me at the end of last year, I once again had slipped back into the belief that I couldn’t change the things I wanted too. I think we all have these relapses?

At the beginning of April, I decided enough was enough. 2015 had already seen me change my diet and my outlook. I could be a runner again if I wanted too, all I had to do was put my trainers on. And so that’s what I did. It started off as once a week, and now nearly a year after I first began running I’m back into a regular routine. I’m a runner again.

I’m still not very fast, and I don’t pay much attention to how far I go, and I have no intention of signing up for any kind of race just yet, but that doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that I put the trainers on and made the change I wanted to happen.

And it really is as simple as that. If I get home from work, and really don’t fancy going for a run, but know it’s been a couple of days and I will feel better afterwards, I tell myself ‘just put your trainers on, and if you still can’t be bothered then you can stay in.’ Never once have I put my trainers on only to take them off again.

So whatever it is that you want to change whether it’s your fitness, your job, or your hairstyle, taking control can seem daunting, but just putting your trainers on? Taking one step? That’s easy. You can do that, and more. Happy Friday everyone.

Live life & put your trainers on x

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18 thoughts on “just put your trainers on…

  1. So good, Stephie. This is a saying that we should live by! One big goal seems scary. But splitting it into smaller ones, like putting your trainers on, or just sending that email makes the journey not so scary. Plus, think of how many times we can celebrate along the way!

    Holly | branchofholly.blogspot.co.uk

  2. This is something that really resonates with me lately. I’d fallen in to a slump and running was the first thing to suffer. Lately, I’ve realised more and more that the only person who can change me is me. I’m kicking myself up the butt, putting my trainers on and getting out there!

    • It’s so easy to do, and I am the first person to get home on an evening and wallow, but the minute you take that first step and refuse to feel like that anymore, suddenly things seem a lot brighter and easier! Hope you’re well and truly on your way out of that slump now xx

  3. This is such a great post, I really need to get into the habit of running more. I had started to in January but then got really bad shin splints and stopped. Not sure if it was the running or the other exercise I was doing, but it put me off. I’m now armed with new trainers and am willing ti give it another go! Here I go…!! Alice xx


    • Running in January is dedication! Even now the weather has brightened up, the smallest sign of rain is enogh to make me think about chickening out! Now that I am running regulalry and more seriously I definitely need to invest in some better trainers. And more importantly a better running bra! xx

  4. I’m running my first 5k tomorrow, and I’m slightly terrified. I know I can do it–a 5 \k really isn’t that long–it’s just getting in the right mindset and feeling confident in myself. I’m also terribly slow at running, so I have this fear that I’ll be the dead last person to cross the finish line. Even though that really shouldn’t matter all that much, anyways.

    • How did it go??? I run 5k at the moment, relatively slowly, but that isn’t the point, the point is that you’re out there getting your heart rate up! I have friends currently training for a 10k, I’m just not ready to turn running into a competitive thing. Right now it’s very personal, I don’t even like to run with friends. I feel if I start comparing myself I will get too embarrassed, rather than focus on how I am doing xx

      • It went really well! It was way easier than I anticipated. I thought it would take me at least 45 minutes, but it would took me 31! I think I’d like to do more 5ks soon. Man, I’d love to do a 10k, too, one day, but I certainly can’t run that far yet!
        I prefer to work out on my own in general, so I always go running by myself. I just plug in my earphones and go. It’s great “me” time. This one was actually part of a triatholon, which I did on a team with two of my friends. I was worried about the competitive nature too, but there wasn’t anyone running around me because everyone was staggered since the running part was the last part of the triathlon.

    • I couldn’t agree more Samantha! Obviously the health benefits are there, and yes that does motivate me a little more. But more than anything it is the idea of shaking off the day at work that fuels me and feeling like I’m becoming the person I want to be! xx

  5. Awh I love this post Stephie, it’s very motivational! Well done you for making the change. I really want to start taking up running too. I’m so unfit it’s hilarious though! I’m really going to try give it a go this summer, wish me luck haha.

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

    • I am by no means a serious runner, I’ve only just downloaded an app to track my progress. I have to admit I was pleasantly suprised. And the best thing about being a new runner, is how quickly you feel yourself getting fitter! xx

    • I often find self care is the first thing to go for most people. We forget that putting ourselves first, and making sure we are at our best, is the surest way of making sure we do our best for everything and everyone else! xx

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