morning may… thinking consciously…


porridge topped with fresh strawberries, cocconut milk, vanilla extract and sunflower seeds

Morning everyone! How are you did you enjoy the long weekend? It feels a little late to be posting, not only my usual Monday post on a Tuesday, but my monthly goals post 5 days into May, but shall we all just agree… Bank holidays don’t count right?

Last month I decided to give up setting 3 specific goals for the month, and instead just pay attention to everything I was already achieving. I was pretty happy with the results of this, as I mentioned on Friday, it was great not pile on any extra pressure but at the same time feel like I was getting things done, I want to carry on with that idea this month, but with a little more structure.

I’m adopting a monthly mantra for May, and not just because I like the alliteration. Something I’ve always felt about myself is that while I’ve always managed to get by ok, acting on a whim, if I spent a little bit more time thinking over my decisions, I would probably reap the benefits. So this month I am going to be think consciously.

Every decision I’m make I’m going to mull over a little first and do things with intention. Both big and little, everything from what I’m eating, how I spend my money and what I do with my time. I’m not telling myself ‘don’t do that’ or ‘do do that’ I’m just saying to think it through first.

So many times I find myself eating stuff I didn’t really want, buying clothes just for the sake of it, and spending evenings in front of netflix, all because I didn’t put any thought into it. Yes, sometimes it’s great to just switch off, but other times, it’s better to really be aware of what you’re doing. I’m hoping this month I will get back to my very best eating habits, get a bit more reconnected with this little space, and prove to myself that I still know how to budget, amongst other things.

And after a long weekend of pure indulgence, I can hardly feel like I’m denying myself anything can I?

Live life & put a little thought into it x


2 thoughts on “morning may… thinking consciously…

  1. Oh I can really relate to this. I’m trying to be more mindful of my choices as well at the moment. Of course, I do still slip up but I am actually feeling a lot happier as a result. I hope it goes well for you too xx

    • Slipping up is basically something I’ve done all week, but I figured, ‘Hey, hormones!’ IT’s a funny thing actually, I always find the week after posting my monthly goals, is the week I am worst at actually achieving anything! xx

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