the weekend in pictures: holiday at home…


Happy Saturday everyone! How are you all? I could so get used to these short weeks! I guess because this is the first year I’ve ever enjoyed a grown up real job (and yup, it has basically been a year!) I really really appreciate the bank holidays! And at this time of year they seem to pile up on top of one another in a glorious, erm, bank holiday orgy?

Moving on from that one…

Once again, I headed home for the bank holiday, and this time I had the lovely Sophie in tow. It was her birthday last week so I thought that a weekend in York would make for a nice little holiday. For both of us! It was so lovely to go home, and actually spend time in York town centre, and showing off all it’s best bits.

From the moment we arrived on Friday evening food was high on the agenda. As was Sangria, so we headed to one of my favourite spots, a place which I liked as a none vegan, and now absolutely adore. El Piano, is an entirely vegan and gluten free restaurant. Yup EVERYTHING on the menu is vegan. And there is a WHOLE menu of puddings, once again the chocolate mouse cake was devoured quicker than you can say instagram filter.


After we’d had our fill of delicousness, we headed home for an evening of blankets and truly embarrassing film choices. Including a little gem by Amanda Bynes. I wept, it was such an emotional roller coaster. Saturday we rose early, aware that the Tour de Yorkshire might cause a little bit of havoc on the roads.

Fossgate in York has recently undergone a bit of a coolness surge, with new indpendent shops, cafes and bars taking over. This of course can only ever be a good thing. The words ‘Pedestrianising Fossgate’ have become a bit of a joke in York, as the council have been on about doing this for longer than I’ve been alive, so all the independent traders that have taken up home there have decided to get together to show just how good it could be if the running joke became a reality. The street was closed for the day, and the first ever Fossgate Festival took place with live music, dancing and performances, a raffle, and cafes and shops spilling out onto the street. We were there by 11am and already it was packed, which meant I couldn’t quite grab a seat in Spring Espresso somewhere I’ve heard only good things about! The traders are hoping to make this a fairly regular event and I would love to see this happen! There is no need for traffic to make it’s way down Fossgate or so many other of the beautiful streets in York, and I really think we should protect and celebrate what we have!


I’ll be honest, I’m not all that fussed about cycling, but we got super lucky with our timing, and ended up right at the front, as the women’s race sped past! As always, it was a bit of a shame that the crowds held off until the guys came into town, but we wooped twice as loud just to make up for it. I didn’t much fancy getting caught up in the crowds for the rest of the cycling, so we moved out of the centre of town for a spot of lunch.


This time we headed to Goji, another vegetarian cafe, with plenty of choice for us fussy vegans too. Sophie had an amazing looking tofu hot dog, and I had a hummus plate, with some delicous curried cauliflower salad, something that I will definitely be attempting to recreate at home. We were so full we skipped cake (yup, more vegan cake options!) and spent the rest of the afternoon trailing York’s many charity shops. I know that on the tv, it looked like York was heaving, but honestly, most of town felt quieter than usual on a Saturday, something I was pretty relieved at! Who wants to fight the crowds?

I didn’t pick anything up in town but I did treat myself to a dress in Wharehouse, where I ALWAYS manage to find something, and even though my bank balance couldn’t really justify it, it was 25% off with a Grazia code, and besides we were heading straight out from Shopping for the night, so I NEEDED a new outfit.


Last picture of food. I promise.

Saturday evening, we met up with my lovely Jess, and were heading to The Fleeting Arms to see the HILARIOUS Foil, Arms, & Hog.  But first, as always, food. This time we headed down to The Cafe 68 on Gillygate, which is a delicious cafe bar, which has recently started opening up on a Friday and Saturday night too, and everyday has a vegan option on their main menu! EVERYDAY. York has really become a bit of a foodie haven recently, with some incredible independents opening up across the city. Having choice is always good right? Having choices that cater for everyone, is even better! And I mean that not just as a vegan, but as someone who has lots of friends with food allergies, or dietry requirements, and knowing that we can all go out and be happy with what is on our plates, really means a lot to me! Oh, and yes, there was even a vegan cake option. I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not I ordered some…

SO after, we were finally fully to the brim, we headed to The Fleeting Arms, which is a pub, venue and creative social enterprise, which has recently opened up. If you’re in York, and looking for some art, theatre or even just a drink, definitely go and have a look. They haven’t just taken over the whole pub, they’ve totally made it over.  We were there to see the hilarious Foil Arms & Hog, which are an incredibly talented Irish comedy sketch group. I’ve seen them a couple of times at Edinburgh, and they are currently on their first UK tour, so if they are coming to some where near you, clear your diary and go buy some tickets! Oh and not that this should sway your comedy orientation in any way whatsoever, but they are also very good looking. And Irish. Good looking and Irish. Just saying.


The rest of the weekend was spent drinking coffee and seeing family, before making my way back to Blackburn on Monday. The sun finally came out as I was making my way to the train station, and after a full weekend of company I decided to steal an hour or so to myself.

Every time I go home, I realise just how lucky I am to be able to pop back to York whenever I want. Those last few hours I spent with just my notebook, in another cafe, with a soya latte reminded me of the hours I spent like that last year, planning out how I was going to change my life. Obviously, I wouldn’t turn back the changes that I did make, but I do miss those hours I spent feeling geared up, passionate and motivated, and that is something I have been trying to find more time for in my life now.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Live life & holiday at home every now and then x

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