are we missing the bigger picture?


Hey everyone, how are you?

Today I want to talk about something other than tea, or positive thinking, or what I did at the weekend. Today I want to talk about something I fear I have lost sight of, or maybe never really looked at properly in the first place. The bigger picture.

This time last week we were all making our decisions, hopeful if wary that the General Election would bring about the change we wanted to see. It is all anyone could talk about in the office, and I had a sudden realisation, that the whole thing had nearly passed me by entirely.

I don’t have a tv in my flat, I very rarely listen to the radio, and I don’t buy newspapers. I get my news from other people, here’say and the internet – when or rather if – I go looking for it. Which I rarely do. It isn’t a case of ignorance is bliss, I know about the terrible things that are happening in the world, I just don’t know about the knitty gritty details, and when it comes to politics, the important bits are oh so often in the knitty gritty (washed over and covered up) details.

Every day I read my bloglovin’ feed, I look at new sites about health and well being, I pay attention to new cafes that are opening up near by, authors that have won awards, and what the next big thing in theatre is set to be. But outside of that? Things get a little blurry.

So Thursday came around, and I had (last minute) armed myself with the facts, an understanding of policies, and a gut feeling. I was ready to vote. It was almost an after thought to my day, like homework done on the bus. Then I went into a youth forum with work, and realised that there were 15 year olds that knew more than me. But these were also 15 year olds looking to me, to hear my opinions and to guide them through it. This group are switched on young people who meet because they want to change their community. Something that is beyond admirable.

We chatted about how the arts can influence people, about politics, about the last election and about feminism, and I realised I had a brain that, while being a little rusty, worked on these topics, mulled them over and had something to say. And I realised that I so rarely put that part of my brain to use.

I am not saying I want to become a political blogger, or use this space to push my opinions on people. I don’t enjoy reading those blogs, so why would I create one. But as always I want to use this space to have a chat and discuss the world around me. Why have I really being ignoring so much of it? Yes it is great to escape to my bloglovin’ feed and read post after post about a lifetsyle I aspire too, but I also want to start reading and writing posts about a world that sometimes inspires me, sometimes infuriates me, and one that still needs changing.

This here is my space, a space where I am meant to put my voice to use. Put my brain to use. A space I want to use in future for so much more than just pictures of tea and toast.

I’m not here to shame anyone, other than myself, but I’m worried that on my blog and in my life, I’ve lost site and burried my head in the sand about what is really important. I believe that over the next five years things are going to get tough for people. People are going to disagree more than ever before, and they are already being a lot more vocal about it. I want to pay attention to that. I want to see the bigger picture, and I want to reflect on what I’ve seen here.

Because the blogging world is a beautiful one, one where we can fawn over meticulously composed flat lays, and drool over afternoon teas but it’s also one where we can show just how wonderfully switched on we are and make our voice heard, and I don’t for one minute think those two sides are mutually exclusive.

So lets raise our tea, in an instagrammable cup, to seeing the bigger picture.

Live life & have an opinion on it x

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8 thoughts on “are we missing the bigger picture?

  1. It’s great to see posts like this – sometimes blogging feels like a little wrapped up world of lifestyle, beautiful photography and positivity whilst forgetting the bigger issues. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with preferring to read the pretty posts that may seem meaningless to others (from my mothers view of blogging – another outlet of self obsession) but that also express thought and creativity and friendships for so many. As long as you remind yourself that there is more to life than the last outfit you wore or an arty shot of a local cafe, and that we educate ourselves to the best of our abilities so that we can form our own opinion on things that matter to us. Alice xx

    • Exactly Alice, and I think blogging has a really important role to play in giving young women a voice, a voice that says, I can wear a nice dress, love instagram and still be a switched on human being with a well informed opinion! For too long you’ve had t be one or the other when actually all of my friends I’m please to say are well mixed balance of both! xx

  2. i definitely agree with you and would love to see more posts about the world, I think bloggers have a wonderful way with words so it wouldn’t be over whelming to read and you’d be learning and be more aware about what’s going on. Especially since there’s bloggers all over the world you’d be learning about worldwide affairs from people living through it rather than it being biased and censored x
    Arora x

    • Exactly! I think that is what I’m really beginning to feel, is that I respond so well to the voices of bloggers. Take how I look after my health as an example, it wasn’t until I started reading posts from real people that I really felt not only inpired to take action but like I really understood the facts. We should totally embrace that and celebrate it! xx

  3. Wow, I agree with you so much! I think we should use our blogs as a space to think and discuss, and broaden our horizons a little bit. This is a really fascinating post, I totally loved reading it! I really adore your style of writing. Thank you for sharing! Xx


    • Thanks Joanne! Glad you liked it, I think the main reason why it’s so important bloggers like us start to weigh in on things like this is because we are real people and I know personally I respond to a voice like that comes from a real person far more than I respond to a journalist or a politician xx

  4. I feel like I’m the same as you – I rarely pay close attention to current affairs. Part of me just doesn’t want to know the nitty gritty details of the horrible people that are in this world (if I’m being completely honest). I do feel a bit stupid though when people talk about events and I can’t fully debate/offer my opinion. Yes, I can share my opinion based on the (few) facts I know, but it’s not the same! I’m all for you bringing some discussions to your blog!

    Chrissy x

    • Hey Chrissy, I think the majority of people always feel like they could know more, and one of the issues is where we get our facts from! Especially as we grow more and more disillusioned with mainstream media. If we can encourage conversations between real people, and take the pressure off from’debating’ I think we will all start to feel much more confident in our own voice xx

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