what to post on a friday?


Hey everyone, how are you?

I’m going to be straight up with you, this post may lack direction.

It’s not for a lack of ideas, oh no there are plenty of them. Thankfully I don’t have bloggers block at the moment, the struggle I’m having today, is finding the right post, the idea that sits nicely with how I’m feeling and what I want to say right now.

On Wednesday I posted about how I was worried I was missing the big things lately, and not giving enough time over to my own opinions on the world we live in. In particular I was referring to the BIG issues, those headline grabbing happenings, politics, feminism and everything else that you’d find on the news. I specifically said that I didn’t want this blo to be used just for that, because I still think everything I have been giving time and thought too is equally important. However, after sch a ‘heavy’ post it just didn’t seem right to post something completely off of that topic.

On the other hand, it’s Friday. And while I don’t want to stick to too strict a blogging schedule, I just don’t feel Friday is the right day for tackling the heavier stuff.

I think my problem at the moment isn’t that I don’t have anything to say, it’s about not knowing when to say it.  And also worrying how that voice is going to be received.

Which is completely daft really isn’t it? And not something I have ever worried about with this blog before. So maybe it is a reflection of a bigger picture. Maybe it is a reflection not that I am worried about this blog or the direction it is going in, but that I am reaching a new stage.

It isn’t something I had really realised until right now, but I think my opinions on life aren’t exactly changing but in contradiction to everything I’ve just said, I’m more sure of them than ever.

When this blog really started to take on a life of it’s own it’s when I started musing over how confusing being in your twenties can be. And it still is. I by no means have all the answers now, but I definitely feel more equipped to start tackling the questions this decade is throwing at me. That in itself is scary. The idea of saying ‘This is who I am and this is what I think’ feels bold. You have to be prepared to put that voice of yours out there and have it not only heard but also, possibly answered. And that answer might not be what you always want it to be. That’s all part of growing up though isn’t it?

So what to post on a Friday? Isn’t so much a case of bloggers block, but rather what to tackle first? Guess it’s a good job the weekend is here, give me some time to start thinking it through.

Live life & don’t be afraid of your own opinions x

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2 thoughts on “what to post on a friday?

  1. I actually think this post had a lot of direction 🙂 And I completely understand your frustrations. I think one day over the weekend when you’re reading a book or in the shower or cooking, something will just come to you and you’ll have more of an idea of what to tackle first. Then you’ll just go from there 🙂

  2. I feel you. I’ve had those moments, those moments of wanting to share your voice but your unsure what part of you that you actually want to share, or how exactly to share it or if you even want to or need to. What i’ve discovered as i’ve gone thru my twenties, is that a quiet confidence in who you are is the most liberating and exciting thing. Being able to be you, in a world that screams out for labels (blogger, illustrator, wife, sister, mother) and not succumb to the pressure that those labels may bring and to do with them whatever you wish, is just the most loveliest of things. x

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