how to get your bum in gear…


Hey everyone how has your week been?

So I’m not usually one to post a ‘how to’ blog. I’m a big fan of a reading them, and the reason I’m a big fan of reading them is because a lot of the time I really feel like I don’t have a clue about what I am doing when it comes to life. Yeah I get stuff done, but never in a neat and tidy, simple five point guide kind of manner.

HOWEVER, this week, I’ve kind of been killing it, in my own little way. And while this isn’t a single method to success, I thought I would share with you some of the tweaks I’ve made this week, that really have got my bum into gear!

Tidy up your work space (or in my case, create one)…  

So I live in a flat all on my own, which kind of means I’ve been using ALL OF THE SPACE as my work space for the last year, but recently this has not led me to be very productive. Over the weekend I decided even though I don’t really have much room in my flat, and even less in my kitchen, I’d turn my kitchen table into a desk. I put up a whole bunch of post cards and creative things on the wall, replaced the washing up that used to inhabit the space with my sewing machine, and some new tins and folders from TK Maxx, and it has worked a treat! Having a nice space to work at, with in reaching distance of the kettle, has made coming home and getting my sh*t together so much easier!

Have a creative conversation…

Sometimes I can forget why I love this wee space, or why I love theatre, or writing or performing, and then I get into a really good conversation about it and suddenly I have a thousand and one ideas and all the motivation in the world. Sometimes these conversations happen by accident, and other times I crave them and seek them out. Either way talking to a friend or colleague creatively about whatever it is you need to do or love is guaranteed to reignite my passion.

Make a playlist of calming background music…

Or use somebody elses! I can’t really get work done to loud, happy music, but if I really need to concentrate something folky gently playing in the background works a treat. I think it is because I actually work best in cafes so anything that recreates that kind of vibe does wonders for me.

Start your morning right (and end your night early)…

So about 2 months ago it seemed like literally ever blogger ever was an absolute goddess and boss when it came to their morning routine, so I’m not about to give you a guide to setting up a morning routine, because quite frankly, I’m an early evening person. HOWEVER, going to bed early, and getting up early enough for me to be able to start the day with a slow breakfast, read a magazine and set the day up in a calm mode, is generally a good sign for things to come. It also means that I’m actually awake and functioning by the time I get to work. Try setting your an alarm half an hour earlier, and even if you don’t get out of bed, at least you’ll start to wake up.

Limit your distractions…

I love Netflix as much as the next girl, but it does make binge watching a little too easy. So I’ve tried to cut down that distraction to only 2 episodes of something (Pretty Little Liars) a night. I don’t find social media that distrcating, at home or at work, and I like giving myself a 5 minute break to chat to a friend every 45 minutes or so, it really is just Netflix that sucks me in. But if for you, Netflix isn’t that big a distraction but instagram is, try limiting that instead. Everyone should still switch off now and then, so don’t go cold turkey on everything, unless you really really have to.

Make a (small) list of rules to live by for the week…

I’m normally an all or nothing kind of girl, but because that can lead me to having really unhealthy extreme eating patterns, I’m trying to find a balance between self control and being human. So on Monday night I wrote myself a list of rules to follow for the rest of the week. They included no bread or sugar (because I ate an entire bakeries worth at the weekend) only one coffee a day (because I’m becoming reliant on it) and lots of fruit and veg amongst others. That might sound like exactly the extreme kind of thing I was talking about before, but my other rule, was that I was allowed to break one rule a day.  But these rules don’t just need to be about eating, they could include your netflix intake, how long you spend every day writing, anything. It’s all about balance folks, you don’t have to do EVERYTHING all at once to be a superstar, instead of always focusing on what you haven’t done, reward yourself for something that you have done.

Stop, sit down, and do those tiny tasks you’ve been putting off…

It takes me a whole 10 minutes to pay my electricity bill, credit card and water bill once a month. And yet those things can sit on my to do list right up until the last minute. And most of the time that isn’t because I’m waiting for the cash to come in. It’s because I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. Sure all together your to-do list like mine is probably more mamoth like than mole like, but there will be at least 3 things on that list you could complete in the next half an hour. Stop everything else and do them now, and when they are out of the way, I bet those other things don’t seem all that difficult either!

These things are no doubt, painfully obvious, but those are often the types of things we forget (annoyingly like, forgetting that you actually like vegetables, or that exercise makes you feel good) so I thought I’d give you a gentle reminder, so that you can spend some time this weekend, preparing for next week and getting your bum into gear.

Live life & work it x

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14 thoughts on “how to get your bum in gear…

  1. Love this! I am such an unorganised person and really should be doing a lot of this stuff, like having a proper morning and night routine! I also really find having a nice and tidy workspace helps. De-cluttered leads to a de-cluttered mind I reckon 🙂 x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

  2. I so needed this post! Thanks so much lovely. I’m one week off handing in my dissertation and going slightly insane with the stress and having those odd moments where you feel like you want to give up one week one before the end. Argh. I’ve just bookmarked this post and am going to be looking at it all week!! xx

  3. Making a calming playlist is wonderful advice, especially if you are working on a passion project. I love to listen to music when I write, especially if I am trying to get into the mindset of a particular character or set the tone for a scene. Nothing gets the mind right like a good selection of music. 🙂

    • I have to have music, that isn’t the type of stuff that makes you want to burst out into song! I find folk music on tends to do the trick. Even better if it is played through headphones. Something about having headphones in, really makes me feel like I’ve blocked out the rest of the world xx

  4. These are great tips. I definitely feel like I need to get my bum in gear after using the Wedding as an excuse to let things fall by the wayside. I do have morning routines down though so I’m partway there xx

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