goodbye may/hello june…


Happy Friday everyone! How are you? How has your week been? So I would normally post my ‘new month’ post on a Monday but, this week marked one year in my new life so I thought I’d leave celebrating a new month till the end of the week instead.

Well May, you were supposed to be all about thinking consciously, but in truth I’m not sure how well I did with that. May seems like it was a little bit of a blur. Things at work are CRAZY at the moment, as I’m currently in the middle of the biggest project I’ve ever done, and that is set to run into June. Stress levels don’t always put me in the best mindset for taking notice of what I am eating or how often I go out running.

My eating has been ok, if not as planned out as I would have liked. The weather got in the way of my lovely running routine I’d set up, but I went swimming instead, or danced around in an attempt to undo some of the days of stress.

As stressful as you got towards the end, May you were a good month. You started with a lovely bank holiday back home in York, and there have been evenings spent getting to know the boy (thought it was about time I mentioned him on here).

Now we are onto June, and I’ve officially lived and worked here in Blackburn for a whole year. As this big project at work continues, I think it’s important not to pile on any extra pressure. I think organising a double decker bus, a dance company from New Zealand and a tour around Lancashire is probably enough for any one girl.

So instead this month will be about taking the opportunity to breathe. To remember to keep calm, eat well, look after yourself, and spend an evening or two with Game of Thrones if that is what you need. And to look forward and enjoy it. Enjoy completing a hige project, enjoy being busy, and enjoy going to see Lucy and Taylor Swift at the end of the month.

I think I spend a little too much time, thinking, observing, and planning life, and this month I think I need to live it.

June, I’m not promising In won’t spit my dummy out at some point, but I’m glad to see you.

Live life & jump in feet first x

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3 thoughts on “goodbye may/hello june…

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    • Thanks Sam, the stress is a mixture of adrenalin and panic but I think it is exactly what is needed to get me through the rest of the project! xx

      ps. sent you the girliest email ever about the boy!

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