sunday share #1…


Happy Sunday everyone! Oh sorry, didn’t mean to surprise you, I know I’m not normally around on a Sunday, but it has recently occurred to me, that I can be a very selfish blogger. I’m pretty rubbish on social media, and recently even though I read through my bloglovin’ feed everyday I’ve not let people know how wonderful I think they are by leaving comments dotted around.

So in order to make up for this, and because it is Sunday and I demand we all go back to bed, with a cup of tea, I thought once a month I’d share some of my favourite posts… So here we are just some of the posts I loved in May(in no particular order)…

1. May was a stressful month for me (I know I might have mentioned that once or twice) so these 25 tips to destress and lift your mood from Christina Greve, popped up on my Bloglovin’ feed at just the right time. Why is it always the simplest things we need reminding of?

2. It was so nice to hear Rosie sounding so inspired and motivated, and definitely persuaded me to get my bum into gear. I love how she perfectly described that coming home with fresh eyes feelings, sometimes just a weekend away in York can cause me to come back feeling like a new person so I imagine four weeks in Bali would be transformative to say the least. I also completely and utterly understand her grass is greener feelings!

3. Ok not everything on this list is about staying motivated and stress free, but giggling away at Sarah’s ridiculous travel memories, certainly undid a knot or two in my neck! She is so right, it isn’t always the picturesque moments that really make a memory, it’s the unique experiences. Reading some of Sarah’s reminded me of chatting to italian waiters about how in England being passionate about love making, and spanking someone aren’t considered the same thing, but that’s for a very different post…

4. Have you seen my hair recently? It’s ridiculous, it’s practically to my waist. So I guess it’s probably time for the annual lets just get it all chopped off trip to the hairdressers! However, Sally’s letter to her hair, has made me think twice. The way we dress and look is an expression of ourselves, and actually I think it’s about time I put a little bit of thought into what I want to say about myself. Plus I’m so poor right now, I can’t really afford the hairdressers, so thinking time is also saving time.

5. And last but by no means least this beautiful piece from Meg, left me feeling ok with the world, whilst also making me want to tear up every post Ive ever written, because DAMM why can’t that be my blog. Blog jealousy aside I love Meg’s writing style, and it really struck home with me, to read that part of the human condition is to except uncertainty.

Hope you enjoy reading these, no doubt you probably have already! Next month I promise to make the list a little longer, and you can hold me to that, but in the mean time, I started saving my bloglovin’ posts into monthly collections, so if you want to have a little look at what else I read and loved in May, click here.

Live life & share your Sunday with good company x

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