Where the devil have you been…


Hello everyone! How are you? It’s been more than a little quiet around these parts lately, in fact it has been deathly silent. I’d apologise for that, but I’ve just been to damm busy having an amazing time. What’s that hashtag? #Sorrynotsorry.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted about a project I’d been working on called ‘Back of the Bus.’ After months of planning and stressing, and countless sleepless nights last week, we quite literally got the show on the road!

It was an incredible week. Professionally speaking, I learnt SO much, and I can safely say all the stress and worry was worth it, I now feel so fired up and ready to take on the next big thing (or at least I will be once I’ve slept). Personally, it was filled with moments I know I will remember forever, like when we took the dancers in to a dementia care centre, and they performed for the residents, as I stood there watching (and crying) I knew it was a really special moment. Then of course there were the lovely people I got to work with from the company! Java dance we’re such an amazing bunch of lovely talented people, I wished everyone I shared public transport with was like them!

The show itself, as I hope you can see from the pictures was fantastic, and the audiences absolutely loved it. A lot of people left having seen their hometowns in a completely different light, which is exactly what we were all aiming for. One of the things I hear alot in this job, and generally where I live is ‘nothing happens areound’ere’ so to be able to not only say ‘actually yes it does’ but to also say ‘and what’s happening is as good as the big cities’ is fantastic!


Speaking of amazing things happening in big cities, I hopped straight off a bus full of dancers, and onto a very early morning coach to London, for British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, and to see two of my favourite women in all the world… Lucy and Taylor Swift.

It might have taken seven hours on a coach, but it was definitely worth it. Heading to a festival, even if it is only for a day, is a perfect way to step out of everything that is going on in life and really forget about it. Something which when you have been crazy busy, even if it is in a good way, I always feel is important to do so that you really get that head space to just let everything sink in.


I won’t lie to you, not only did I shake my rather sizeable bum off to Miss Swift, I also cried. Several times. I think a combination of having had an insane and exhausting week, seeing Lucy for the first time in seven months, and genuinely relating to basically every word Taylor says (apart from the ones where she is introducing her super model best friends) was just too much for me. Oh, and the cider probably contributed a little bit to that too!

Sunday and Monday were much more chilled out affairs. Sunday took the shape of a mid morning brunch, followed by a wander around the Welcome Collection museum (also known as the Museum of sexology) and an amazing dinner at The Gate (a full review to come). And then on Monday I caught up with the incredibly talented Leo, wandered around the shops in Angel before getting back on the coach and arriving home, late, exhausted but extremely happy on Monday night.

Since then life has taken a more normal looking shape. It feels so odd to be back at my desk, working my way through admin after everything I’ve been doing lately, but again I’m welcoming the slower pace. It was also the new boys birthday last weekend, which I missed so I’ve been catching up with his face and planning birthday treats.

Looking towards the rest of summer, I’m excited for Manchester International Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, seeing friends, and generally crossing my fingers and hoping for good weather. Here on the blog I have so much to catch up on, including an interview with Sally, the creator of Hello Little Lovely, and a thousand and one ideas that have been piling up over the past couple of weeks. I’m going to be taking a step back from posting three times a week – what with the sun, and life getting a bit busier, I want to make sure that anything I do post has had serious time and thought dedicated to it.

But enough about me! What have you been up to? I’ve got one very full unread bloglovin’ feed, and an inbox to match, so if you’ve not heard from me in a while, I hope you can understand why!

Live life & take something off your plate if need be x

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9 thoughts on “Where the devil have you been…

    • Thanks Mimmi, I was going to put up a post saying ‘be back soon’ but I had no idea when that would be! I’ve definitely thought a lot about this little space of mine in the past couple of weeks and come to the conclusion, that spending energy on it should leave me feeling energised, not zapped! xxx

  1. You’re back! It’s so great to hear you have been having a wonderful time filled with lots of exciting bits and pieces. Was Taylor amazing?! I am loving her new album at the moment and admit to Shaking It Off in all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

    I’ve been letting blogging take a bit of back seat too with all this nice weather it just doesn’t feel right to be sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.

    I’ve missed you xx

    • Taylor was everything I hoped for and more! Her new album is so good, is it weird that when I was watching her, I felt proud of her? Like it could have been anyone of my friends up there!

      Keeping motivation up with blogging is definitely hard, I’ve had this wee space of mine for YEARS now, and to keep reinventing it takes a lot of dedication!

      lad I’ve been missed xxx

  2. Stephieeeee 🙂 I’m really pleased everything is great, no wonder you’ve taken a step back from blogging (don’t we all in the summer?!!) Your show looks amazing, and my other half would be so so jealous of your day with Swifty – he loves her! haha

    Definitely time to chill, enjoy the sunshine and maybe occasionally document it when we feel like it or have a spare few hours!

    Alice xxx


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