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Hey everyone, how are you? Today I have the world’s least formal interview with the wonderful Sally from Hello Little Lovely for you (ie. we had a chat over some emails). I first e-met Sally, last year when I was looking for a friends birthday present and I came across a gorgeous collection of hand painted vintage tea cups in the Hello Little Lovely store. I couldn’t believe how reasonably piced they were, and when the gift arrived I was so chuffed (and so was my friend!), I wanted to send Sally a personal thank you (as well as leaving a glowing review on Etsy.)

Since then I’ve kept an eye on what Sally has been up to and creating through instagram, and she has recently launched a gorgeous range of hand embroidered jewellery. I wanted to find out more about the lady behind the lovely pieces and we chatted all things, craft, creativity and tea.

Hello Sally, so, other than your instagram posts and that you are incredibly crafty and talented, I’m ashamed to say I don’t know that much about you!

That’s ok! I’m a wife to a lovely tall boy and a full time mummy to a wild little guy.We live in North Yorkshire, where there is beautiful greenery in every direction and wonderful places to explore. We love going on adventures together and riding our bikes when we can.  I love baking,  and am usually found in our dining room with all manner of chaos around me trying to create the perfect tea loaf or icing another birthday creation!

I drink far too much tea (Yorkshire of course!) and have a rather large collection of China tea sets. I love anything old and am always wandering around local vintage / second hand stores for treasures!

I didn’t realise you were Yorkshire based! My family are from York, and weekends at home are generally spent wandering around yorkshire towns, and drinking copious amounts of tea! Is there anywhere local to you, that you’d reccommend?

I didn’t realise I’d never said! I’m actually over in Harrogate so not far at all! We love York, it’s always our first choice whenever we all get a free day. I love wandering through the shambles..:)

We’re lucky enough to also be just down the road from Knaresborough which is also really lovely, I’m not sure if you’ve ever visited, but the view from the castle grounds in just stunning. It has a gorgeous collection of little shops including my favourite old pre-loved shop, on Castlegate, which sells all manner of vintage-ware where I’m usually found buying yet another tea set…

In my opinion, the best providers of the obligatory afternoon tea and cake, has to be the Lavender Tea Room, situated above “Ye Oldest Chemist Shoppe in England”; downstairs is filled with old fashion sweets but up an old wooden staircase you can have the loveliest cup of tea and the best (again in my humble opinion) Lavender scones.

And of course, Harrogate is beautiful this time of year, especially on the stray where the blossoms are in full bloom. Although (shockingly!) I have never been, Betty’s is the favourite for high tea judging from the mile long queues that are most often seen outside. Valley gardens is lovely and you can sample a “world famous” Ripley Ice cream at the park tea rooms – the village of Ripley is also beautiful but Ill stop here, as I’m turning this into a tour guide!


Oh please don’t stop on my behalf! It’s amazing how you can live just down the road from somewhere, but completely miss out on local knowledge. I’ve been to both Harrogate and Knaresborough and yet I wouldn’t know where to begin to find afternoon tea. But you’re quite right, we should get back to all things ‘Hello Little Lovely.’ I always start off with the best intentions when crafting, but it doesn’t come easily to me, have you always been creative in that way?

I have always loved creative projects whether it’s icing cupcakes or restoring old furniture but it’s only since having my little one that I’ve really pushed myself to create my own space and set up my little business.

I think when you have less time as a mum you become much more productive when you get a minute or two!

I first met you (in the virtual sense) when I bought a gorgeous ‘GIN’ painted teacup from you last year, where did those cups come from and how did you move from that to jewellery?

I usually paint using watercolours so ceramic paint was new to me. Painting tea cups and plates came from having collected so many and wanting to give them a new lease of life.  I wanted to take these pieces that people had obviously treasured enough not to break and turn them into new pieces that would be loved again. The “gin”  teacups were favourites; and I am still painting teacups and plates.

I started doing more sewing last year and began to teach myself embroidery which I instantly fell in love with. I decided that I wanted to embroider my own pendants but I wanted them to be entirely my own design so, once I’d designed my own pendant frames, and had them manufactured it was all go from there!


Having your own pendants designed is such a unique touch and I love the care and thought you put into the packaging too! I think that starting a business whilst being a mum is very impressive! I very much see being a creative as part of my identity, is it a bit like that for you too? I imagine when you suddenly have a little person in your life, it feels very important to make sure you keep your own identity too?

I completely agree! I think anything creative that we do, be it writing, crafting or anything that we put our heart into, reflects and reveals the person that we are. For me having a little person to take care of, more than making me want to “keep” my own identity, it’s made me want to understand my own identity. Giving myself the time to be creative helps me understand myself a bit better and now as a mum I always want to encourage that in my children; I believe life is one big learning process, and there’s always more we can learn about ourselves to make our own lives better and other peoples too.

Yes definitely! I very much see myself as a living breathing project, and I think when big things happen to you, whether that’s a change of job, or coming out of a relationship, or even bigger still like having a baby, it can be very easy to look in the mirror, and suddenly realise that you’ve changed. It can be a bit unsettling, but for me writing definitely helps me understand myself more!

I’m still working out how my creativity outside of theatre could add to my work or become some form of business. Do you have any tips for anyone who might be thinking about starting their own side project or hustle?

I think the best advice I could give to anyone wanting to start their own project, is just to start! Be creative until something happens; make a mess, collect inspiration. My business is still very small and I still feel unsure of myself, but it’s ok; because I’m happy doing it. It’s not about thinking big or finding a niche, first of all it’s about doing what you love and enjoying it.


And one final question. I set you a bit of a challenge in making my jewellery and didn’t give you any briefing about colours or design! So where did my design come from?

In the end I choose to go with colours based on the colours on your blog header-pinky peach /grey/mustard (which I love together!)-  and a flower frame which I think fits your girly style and also reflects your newly found more natural lifestyle and veganism! I wanted it to reflect “tea in your twenties”  to represent you as a blogger and be something elegant enough to wear for high tea or add to brighten up an everyday outfit.

Thanks, Sally, it’s been so lovely chatting with you, it’s really interesting to hear from people who are creative in completely different ways to yourself! And of course I absolutely love my necklace and earrings!

Thanks! I’m so glad you like them and that our paths have crossed in this crazy internet world – If you are ever down this way it would be lovely to have tea and cake!


Where to find Sally: Shop | Twitter | Blog | Instagram

A huge thank you to Sally for chatting with me, and for gifting me with the specially designed jewellery and earrings. If you are looking for a special birthday present I’d recommend Hello Little Lovely in a heartbeat. I love the set she sent me, and she was spot on with the colours, and my tastes! Everything from the packaging to the specially designed pendants just shows how much Sally cares about the work she is making. Sally has also very kindly offered all Tea in your Twenties readers 10% off until the end of August using the discount code TIYT10. Find Sally’s Etsy shop here, and if you have a special piece of jewellery you’d like to design or any project ideas, you can contact her through Etsy too! Let me know on instagram or twitter if you buy anything!

Live life & get creative x

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2 thoughts on “creativity chats | saying hello to hello little lovely…

  1. Wow i LOVE the gin teacups – I went straight to her shop to see if she’d still got any. Might have to email and find out! What a great find 🙂 The jewellery is great too – and I love it when people put a lot of effort into packaging, it makes it just that bit more special 🙂 Alice xx

    • I’d definitely drop Sally an email Alice, I’m sure she could rustle something up for you! I think the packaging really adds a nice touch, especially if you are sending directly to a friend as a gift! xx

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