why I won’t be giving up soya lattes…


Happy Monday everyone, how are you? I must admit after an amazing but exhausting weekend, I’ve not started the week as the bundle of energy I would like to be. This morning I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed (miserable weather, I blame you) and up the hill to work, bypassing my desk and heading straight for the kettle. The idea of a cafetierre all to myself bringing me far more joy than I care to admit.

I’ve found myself becoming more and more reliant on coffee lately. It’s not something I’m proud of. I’ve never been the ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had my caffeine’ type but I’m certainly heading that way.

Here is where I ply you with excuses full of ‘I’ve just been so busy’ and ‘I haven’t had much sleep’ which while being true, don’t really let me off the hook. The thing is I know that coffee, doesn’t really help with these things. I know that when life goes bezerk, you should look after yourself even better than usual. Eat healthy, and thrive, rely on bananas not cereal bars, drink plenty of water, not lattes. I know this. I just don’t always put it into practice.

Some days I can feel coffee in my bones. I feel jittery and more, not less stressed. A coffee in the morning robs me of my energy in the afternoon, and despite the threat of a headache or a panic attack, once again I reach for my coffee crutch. Black coffee in particular does this to me, Coffee on the go, or in the office does this to me. Coffee that requires nothing fancier than a kettle does this to me. But coffee taken at leisure? Coffee served long, coffee that is sipped and not inhaled? That has quite a different affect.

I know there is as much migraine inducing caffeine in a latte as there is in an espresso. I know scientifically, that my body reacts to these two energy bullets in the same way, but my mind processes them entirely differently.

A coffee at my desk tells my head that I’m struggling, that I need that extra boost. That there is too much to done, and that even with the shakes, coffee makes me type faster. It tells me to GO, to PANIC. It tells me I need another cup.

But a latte? A latte tells me, that you have time, that you need to stop, to think, to mull it over. A latte tells me I’ve been working hard and deserve a treat. It tells me not to worry about the caffeine or the soya milk, that there are much worse things I could take pleasure in. A latte tells me it will be okay.

When you’ve been all go for months on end, and you look at your diet and your lifestyle, and your reliance upon a vice, you tell yourself ‘that will have to go’ that you need to get healthier, to detox, to recalibrate. And for me, where I am right now (on my lunch thinking about my afternoon mug) this is true. I do need to clear out the cupboards of food to go. I need to spend my mornings at work sipping on hot water. I need to break my addiction to caffeine. But at the same time I don’t need to go give up coffee entirely.

There are many things in this world that are ‘bad’ for you. That glass of wine on a night, still contains alcohol regardless of what the doctors or the French say. That chocolate bar, might be fruit and nut, but it is still chocolate. And a coffee, might be taken in a cafe, and not at your desk but it is still made of the same stuff. However, as bad as all these things are, they can also do you the world of good. That glass of wine, might just be what you need to switch off after a bad day, that chocolate bar might be the perfect reward for having worked hard, and my latte, can be just the tool I need to fix a problem.

So, I won’t be giving up my soya lattes, any time soon, that morning black coffee will have to stop, but what is more harmful? Putting undue pressure on yourself to cut EVERYTHING ‘bad’ out or taking half an hour to indulge in something that isn’t technically ‘good’ for you?

Live life & enjoy your latte x

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6 thoughts on “why I won’t be giving up soya lattes…

  1. I got so used to my routine of drinking black coffee every single day and didn’t know how else to curb it other than cutting it out completely. On really rough mornings I’ll give in, or sometimes at the weekend I’ll treat myself, but most of the time I’ve learnt to live without it! Alice xx


    • At the beginning of this year I was practically caffeine free other than the occasional weekend latte! I need to get back to that, I’ve made sure to pack my loose leaf green tea with me this week for work. I think half of it, is feeling a bit like you’re missing out on a morning ‘pick me up’ when everyone else is having their coffee or tea, and you’re there with a hot water! xx

    • You see that doesn’t sound like a bad routine! It sounds like it gets you into the correct head space to start the day, where as for me, if I’m drinking a coffee in the morning it is because I’m tired or stressed out, and the coffee only feeds that! I will be a green tea drinking health ninja… xx

  2. Love this. Of course it’s important to take care of your body and treat it well, but it’s equally important to take care of your mind, your psyche. I know that giving up chocolate, cake and coffee would definitely benefit my body, but I’d miss it too much. You need to live a little. It’s all about the balance 🙂

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • I talk about balance so much on here, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just don’t think an extreme mindset is healthy. Sure some people are health guru’s and for them it just works, but for me going to extreme one way is usually followed by me going to extreme in the opposite direction! xx

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