nice to meet you (old)…


Hellooo, and welcome to Tea in Your Twenties!

I’m Stephanie Claire, a theatre maker, performer, day dreamer and increasingly enthusiastic blogger!

This started out as a simple blog about my work in Theatre but as my performance work started to explore my day to day life a little more so did my writing!

In 2012 I moved to Manchester, for a whole bunch of reasons, but mainly because it seemed like a bit of an adventure, and that is what you’re meant to do in your twenties right?

Well, turns out my twenties is becoming a little bit of a roller coaster and after thousands of cups of tea (and wine) with friends I soon realised I wasn’t the only one.

So that’s what this blog has become about, the things you talk about when you are having tea in your twenties, and slowly trying to make your way through the to-do list!

The To-Do List

1. Create and perform a solo show for grown ups
2. Get a 4 star review
3. Take my show on tour

4. Start writing for other publications
5. Get my children’s stories published
6. Travel and see some of the world

And some new ones (added June 2013)

7. Return to the Roundhouse and absolutely smash it
8. Have an ‘article’ published
9. Be invited or programmed somewhere
10. Take on new challenges
11.The Life Project
12. Take Love Letters to Edinburgh Fringe

A year on, I guess I’m not doing too badly, and if there is anything that this year has taught me it is that there is a story in the everyday!

I hope you enjoy reading! Thanks for popping by! x


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