monday lunch…


Happy Monday everyone! How are you?

Did you have a good weekend? Mine was spent in Manchester with friends and a spot of wooden spoon puppet making on Sunday.

This week I’m all about acting out on good intentions.

What with the sunny weather, and being super busy at work, I’m full to the brim of good intentions at the moment. Intending to eat well, go running, work on my own theatre stuff, get up early. The list goes on. If I actually saw any of these good intentions through, I would be a ninja.

But I am not a ninja, right now, I’m a slightly groggy, slightly frustrated with myself, Stephie.

Here is what will happen.

I’ll be walking home from work, the weather will be nice, I’ll have a happy tune on, and I will think ‘Oh I think I’ll go for a run when I get in’ then I get in, see the washing up to be done, and the empty cupboards and think, ‘Or I could sit on the couch and watch Game of Thrones’ and 5 episodes later (did I say 5, I meant erm… nope, I meant 5) it will be later than I intended to go to bed, I’ll have had toast and jam for dinner, and I will go to bed telling myself ‘tomorrow will be better, tomorrow I’m only going to set one alarm, as I always wake up before it anyway, so if I just get out of bed I won’t need it.’

Guess what happens tomorrow?

I sleep in.

I know this post seems in complete juxtaposition with the post I wrote just over a week a go about having got my bum into gear, and even with my post on Friday which said I wasn’t going to pile any extra pressure on. But hey guess what I’m an emotional hormonal twenty something year old, and I’m annoyed at me for being me right now.

So maybe something else is going on, that I haven’t quite figured out yet, or maybe I’m being too hard on myself, but I’m sure whatever it is that’s put me in this itchy mood, will be lessened if I just quit whinging and procrastinating and actually followed through with just one good intention.

This week I just need to believe and like myself, and I find that much easier to do when I’m edging more towards the ninja end of the scale than the Mr Bean one.

Live life & don’t leave your good intentions at the door x

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