morning monday… fill your cup…


Morning everyone, how are you today?

Let me ask you something, if this week was a coffee cup and you could, within reason fill it up with anything that you liked, what would it look like?

Would you put your work in as it normally stands or would you filter it? Would you add a dash less or more tv time? Would you make sure you got your brim full of electronic devices? Would you make it a grande? An extra strong? To go or to stay?

What I’m asking is, have you put as much thought into what you’d like this week to be like as you would your morning beverage of choice? Or has you beverage choice and your week become routine? Something you order and consume without really thinking about it? Do you still sip on your latte and enjoy it? Do you still take a moment every morning to let that hot water refresh you? Do you see each Monday as a new start?

Ok, that’s a lot of questions for a Monday morning, probably more than your local barrista gives you, and god knows sometimes making just that much of a decision can be too much. But we shouldn’t see it that way.

Lately I’ve been going through the week, as if it was dictated for me. As if my cup came with a foam stressy topping, regardless of whether or not I wanted it too, and in the past couple of days, I’ve realised that just isn’t true. It’s Monday morning, and my cup is empty and I can fill that cup, with whatever I like. It’s my order, and if I don’t like it, there is only me to blame. Sure that is a scary amount of responsibility to take on, but it’s no more of a responsibility than making sure you get your coffee the way you want it.

This is how I want my cup filled.

I’ll take work, but with the stress, than I often create myself filtered out. It’s in a big cup, because this weeks going to be a long one, so I’ve added an extra shot t keep me going. I want to stay motivated and efficient, but calm. A latte rather than an americano, a week to be sipped and savoured, and thought about. A week of intention. I might add in a syrup for the evenings, something sweet like making sure I have frozen bananas in the freezer so that I can eat banana ice cream after a long day and not feel bad about it. I’m not going to add in my usual amount of screen time, and instead replace it with my trainers, there isn’t huge amounts of room in the cup but I can squeeze that in. What little screen time I do have, I want to make it dedicated blogging and writing time. If this weeks latte has the right effect that motivation will spill over after 5pm and continue into the evenings, I want to make the most of that. Finally Saturday and my topping of choice, a sprinkle of something with a kick, maybe cinamon rather than a shot of liquer and good conversations rather than drunken ones.

I’ll take my extra long, extra hot, double shot, latte in a cup to go, but I’m not leaving right away. I’m going to sit and take my first few sips of the week, this morning, calmly and with intention. Because it’s all well and good to take your week to go, but if the lid isn’t on right, you might just spill your coffee down your clean shirt. And that would be no good start to the week at all would it?

Live life & take your weeks like you take your coffee, as you ordered x

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