goodbye wordpress…


Hey everyone, how are you?

So this is an announcement post to say I am leaving wordpress (the site you’re looking at right now, is ran on not self hosted).

I’ve felt for a while that my blog needed a little bit of a revamp and I have already pushed this current template and design to the absolute limits of what it can do!

When I was looking at my blog I no longer felt inspired, even though I had content ideas I wanted to get out there and still wanted to blog, I was finding it hard to find the motivation. For a while I thought about giving up this blog all together and starting new, but I knew that whatever new thing I started would have the same essence and core that Tea in Your Twenties does, and I didn’t want to flippantly discard all the years of posting I’ve done here. I figured that what it needed was a new frame, not a blank canvas.

So I am moving (back) to blogger. I want to be able to respond to comments made from bloggers from other platforms, and have more control over the design and look of this space, without signing up to self hosting and a money commitment I just can’t make at the moment.

Over the weekend I transferred all my old posts over, and I’m just waiting for my domain to switch over and then the new design will be up and running. Hopefully in time for my Birthday, and September when I plan to return to my scheduled posting now that I’ve had a bit of a break and a revamp over the summer holidays.

The web address will be staying the same ( and if you follow me on Bloglovin’ all my posts will still appear as usual in your feed (touch wood) but if you are following me through the wordpress reader, sadly I won’t come up in your feed any more.

WordPress has been great and I know a fair phew of you found me through it but I’m excited to get back into my blogging groove and I hope you’ll join me over on my new (not really new) site!

In the mean time, it might be quiet on this space for a few days, I won’t be posting again until the blogger site is properly up and running, so please bear with me, and I will hopefully see you soon!

Live life & drink tea as always x

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a bloggers pledge…


Helloooo everyone!

You may have noticed a little bit of a revamp going on with the design of my little blog recently. I’ve had this blog for just under two years now, but it is only recently that I feel like I can really call myself a blogger.

I’ve been living back home, and waitressing for almost 6 months now, and that has given me a lot of time to really invest in this little corner of the internet and in doing so, I can now see that I have invested in myself.

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Irrational blogging fears and a thank you…


The Tea Hive in Charlton, where everything, and I mean, everything is delicious.

I guess in the blogging world I’m still a newby. Sure I have been blogging sporadically for over a year but it wasn’t until I wrote this post on having your quarter life crisis and switched from Blogger to WordPress a couple of months back that I really caught the blogging bug and decided what exactly this blog should be (I changed the name and everything).

But after that I was hooked. Sure there have been a few weeks here and there where life has got in the way, but I am pretty dedicated to this spot on the internet I call my own. But when you become dedicated to something, when you are committed to something, then of course you’re invested, and with investment comes a little bit of insecurity.

These are my irrational blogging fears…

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